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2 FREE Software Tools to Help You Create Better Videos

Creating online videos is one of the best ways to brand your business products and services and to generate traffic to your website , which will ultimately make you more money. After you’ve started creating your first videos, you may realize you need a few tools to help you achieve a more professional look. I’ve found these FREE software programs that can help:

Tool #1 – You need a prompt.

If you’ve tried producing a personal video talking directly into a webcam or camera, I’m sure you’ve realized it’s tougher than it seems to seamlessly deliver your message, on point, without having some sort of a prompt, whether that’s stickies adhered to the frame of your computer, or one of your wiggling children holding your oversized notes to the side of the camera.

Professionals use a device known as a teleprompter which delivers scrolling text that is reflected from a mirror the camera shoots through. This requires hardware and software that can be very costly. However, I’ve found this FREE software that you can download for Mac or Windows that does the same thing.

Prompt Lite is an easy to use program that you can type into directly or import text and it will scroll your script for you, at your desired speed, while you record your video.

Tool #2 – Instead of talking at people, show them what you are talking about.

Jing adds visuals to your conversations. You can snap a picture of your screen or record a video of your onscreen action. This software is great for “how to” videos where you can visually demonstrate how you do something on the computer or internet.

These are two great tools that will help you create better videos. Try them and let me know what you think.
Do you have cool tools you are using to create videos? Share your comments below.

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