REEL Change

REEL CHANGE is a program that facilitates critical thinking, artistic expression, and community responsibility while teaching advanced technologies in video and film production. REEL CHANGE is an umbrella program, in which 3 sub-programs fall under: youth participatory video workshops, workshops for women peacemakers working toward conflict resolution and, social media capacity building (to include video strategies for social media) targeted to non-profits.

The following is a journal of our most recent REEL Change workshop offered at All Tribes Charter School on the Rincon Reservation.

Day 1:

We arrived at All Tribes Charter School for the first day of the workshop. There are 10 students in the class, one of the first boys to enter was Robert. As he was taking his seat he casually mentioned, “I’m not staying, I’m just here to check it out.”

REEL Change workshop instructor - Becky Sangha

We gave a brief presentation about Sun & Moon Vision Productions and the REEL Change  program, then explained to them that we were here to provide the technical know-how as to making a film. Their role is to decide what community issue they want to address and to drive the project creatively as it comes together. They already have some ideas for a project – and have even brainstormed some story ideas for putting it together. The group has decided that addressing violence and bullying will be the focus.

We then led the group in an exercise to create a statement of purpose.

Amy points to Statement of Purpose

They came up with a list of words that best describes them, then circled the ones they thought most relevant and from there created their statement of purpose. The result: All Tribes preventing violence for REEL Change. Pretty cool!

Robert stayed for the whole class, I hope he shows up tomorrow, too.

Day 2:

Guest Lecturer Michelle Zousmer, a documentary photographer, joined the class today for a workshop on photography. This was the students first chance to get their hands on the new Vado HD Camera’s and start shooting some sample footage so they could better understand how to frame a shot. It was also our first time working with this particular camera. I’ll write a blog post review about them later.

The students made a contract with each other that they would follow 6 core values while working on the project. We promised them they could take their camera’s home at the end of the workshop, if they adhere to the contract, which included showing up every day, on-time and participating. They were pretty excited about that!

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